Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus Batteries

Hawker® ArmaSafe™ Plus batteries from EnerSys® are the leading combat and tactical vehicle battery. Today over 2 million batteries have been installed on a wide range of vehicles, providing superior tactical advantage to fighting forces throughout the world.

Manufactured with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) valve regulated technology, Hawker® ArmaSafe™ Plus batteries meet the diverse and demanding energy storage needs of a modern military force. Engineered to the highest standards and theatre-proven to provide unrivalled reliability and safety at the critical moment.

Why Use Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus Batteries?

With enormous cranking power and deep-cycle reserve power, Hawker® ArmaSafe™ Plus batteries from EnerSys® are shipped fully charged and ready to install. They are certified non-spillable and meet IATA hazardous material requirements. With a 30-month shelf-life and market-leading warranty backed by superior direct customer support.


with double the cold cranking amps

Starting Power Even at low states of charge

Up to 4x The Service Life

Ability To Repeatedly Recover

from deep-cycle discharge

More Reserve Capacity

to power electronics for longer

Designed in compliance With:

EN 50342

UK Def Stan 61-021

VG 96924T02/T09


S-CAT 20601

UN Transportation class UN2800-Class 8 exempt

DATACELL II® Battery monitoring system

Accurate measurement of State of Charge (SoC) is vital to the user’s decision-making and to any automated battery management system.

Many battery monitoring system manufacturers use only one SoC method or include ohmic measurement. EnerSys® uses an effective combination of Amp hour counting and mathematical modelling in its DataCell II® battery monitoring system.

With Datacell II® technology commanders can monitor up to four battery banks simultaneously and they are provided with clear and accurate information instantly. There are no unexpected brown-outs and there is no need for guesswork to see how much power is available for vehicle electrical systems to undertake a long silent watch or similar missions, communications, sensors and critically for engine start. Failing batteries can also be easily identified and good batteries are not wastefully replaced due to misdiagnosed problems.


Data Provided

VBMS Battery management system

VBMS™ battery management system, incorporating the DataCell II® battery monitoring system, is the definitive solution to manage the vehicle’s available power. One VBMS™ battery management system can support up to four battery banks, as well as multiple power sources including alternators, APUs and external chargers. 

VBMS™ battery management system ensures that power is delivered to different battery banks in the right proportion and is then used in a way that maximises runtime, protects batteries, avoids unexpected flattening and preserves engine start-up ability.

Additional functionality includes options for emergency paralleling of batteries or overriding automatic discharge limitation if extending a mission is vital.

Integration of ArmaSafe® Plus batteries, DataCell II® battery monitoring system and VBMS™ battery management system in product design helps to meet the mobility, survivability and firepower trade-offs of the armoured vehicle ‘Iron Triangle’.




Functions Provided